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Investing in an Increasingly Turbulent and Integrated World

Today’s markets can be seen as dynamic systems for sorting and selecting investments. In such a system, sustainable investment performance is not only about the tides of fundamental valuation but also the interim waves of the market. The following is an excerpt from a presentation which is part[...]


Opportunities in Global Markets

In order to determine how to invest in today's environment, you need to know what is driving stock and bond markets. Is the Federal Reserve's course change good or bad for bond investors? Is the first quarter weakness in U.S. corporate earnings going to hamper stock market returns? Why have currency[...]


Surveying The Fixed Income Landscape

The bond market surprised many investors in 2014 as interest rates declined despite the end of the Federal Reserve quantitative easing program and indications the Federal funds rate may rise in 2015. Looking forward to 2015, we contemplate the ongoing impact of the strenth of the U.S. dollar and div[...]